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Friday, December 31, 2010

Diet and Heart Health

Happy New Year, everyone!

I came across a news article about diet and heart health and I thought that would be a great topic to start the new year. So many times we make resolutions that we're going to eat better or exercise more and we might do that for a while, but soon we fall back into old habits. Those old habits are hard to break!

The article I saw was about a study that dealt with the health benefits of consuming olive oil and vegetables. To read the whole article, here's the link: More evidence olive oil and veggies help the heart

I found a few more links with some great information on heart healthy diets that you might want to check out:

Heart Healthy Diet ( Cardiovascular Research Foundation)
This web site has the following sections: Mediterranean diet, low-fat diets, fat & cholesterol, Fruits & Vegetables, Fiber & Grains, Salt & Potassium, Alcohol

Heart Healthy Eating (National Women's Health Information Center)

Healthy Cooking Techniques (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research)

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