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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Child Safety

I realized that I haven't posted much on child safety issues, so I found some great links to very useful information for parents, grandparents and other guardians of our precious little ones.

I found a great brochure from the American Academy of Pediatrics on shopping cart safety. I can't count the number of times I've seen parents who put their small children in shopping carts in a really unsafe manner. It scares me when I see things like that. If you must take your child into the store, check out this brochure: Shopping Cart Safety

With all the new toys coming out and all the hype some of them get, it's important to know what toys are safe for what age group. Here are a couple pamphlets from the Consumer Product Safety Commission on age-appropriate toys:

Which Toy for Which Child (0-5)

Which Toy for Which Child (6-12)

The FBI has a very helpful publication: A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety, that has helpful tips on how to keep your child safe while they are surfing the Internet.

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